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sarahxsenga's Journal

im sarah.
as you may have guessed i am inlove with senga kento fromo kis-my-ft2, hes so cute and funny and hes such a great dancer! i also love the other members of kisumai! i love them all in their own way but senga is my fav.
i lik anything to do with johnnys jr, the bands any concerts... most of the things i lik iv listed. i plan to go back to japan next year and see some concerts! i am so excitied! I love japan! love all jap music and i hope to hear more. i collect pics of the boys too!
im really easy to talk to and if you like what i like (johnnys boys ;)) then we could be really good friends.
add me if you like :)
well thats it really... want to knowanything just ask me :)
tc xx